Enter ghost, exit ghost, re-enter ghost

With a title found in the stage instructions of ‘Hamlet’ Verdensteatrets new piece is a series of intervals that escapes our chronological sense of time.

There sometimes seems to be a ghost-like presence in all our communication. Something outside language that still shapes our thoughts and experiences. The piece is staging moments that no longer belong to time. When a film passes your eyes at 24 frames per second, what is moving and what is still?
Both animals, humans, machines and minerals are study objects. The analogue knows that we are imperfect – our movements are shaky – we eat with our hands. In the digital universe, all this is numbered and hidden. We need to learn everything a-new. We need to find out what is touching, what is boring, what is funny? What are our instructions?
Repeat after me: Enter ghost, exit ghost, re-enter ghost.


Verdensteatret consists of video and sound artists, painters and poets, and sculptors and computer programmers who together have developed an intricate audiovisual style. Their poetics is characterized by a dedicated long-term development, creating scenes of sensuous activity and an ongoing experimentation within different media which result in space related orchestral works. Combining aspects of concerts, theatrical performances, and visual art installations, the company builds many of its large scale productions from raw materials collected during journeys combined with stories of the fragile human soul.
Their works have been presented internationally in a number of art contexts and locations, such as art museums, contemporary music festivals, and theaters. Verdensteatret is an Oslo-based art collective founded in 1986 by Lisbeth J. Bodd and Asle Nilsen.

Asle Nilsen, Espen Sommer Eide, Janne Kruse, Magnus Bugge, Niklas Adam and Torgrim Torve

Thanks to
Ali Djabbary and Martin Taxt