28April2010 MonoFire. A simple MaxforLive control using the Monome 64

MonoFire is a simple patch I made for MaxForLive (M4L), that enables a Monome 64 to fire clips stored in the Ableton Live project. In includes volumecontrol and showing the Vue-meter on the Monome.

Download it here: http://github.com/materialvision/MonoFire

The basic idea is to have a simple clip-player that can play upto 7 clips simultaniously per Live Scene. It is made to be as simple and quick to set up as possible (typically at the airport before the gig).

See instructions in the readme file.

Thanks to James Drake for the great Monomebutton and -slider and -pages patches used in this project.

29March2010 Germany vs. France, Analog vs. Digital

Two packages arrived at the studio today. One from France and one from Germany. The Doepfer Dark Enery on my analog right hand, and the OTO Biscuit on my digital left hand. This is my first experiment hooking up the two for some noisy fun.

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11March2010 Electric Shadows

Below is a newsletter from Verdensteatret. It concerns our solo exhibition at Guangdong Museum of Art, China.
Telling Orchestras and Funeral Machines. I spent most of January making sounds for these wonderful machines.

Guangdong Museum of Art 19 March – 18 April 2010

Verdensteatret presents two large-scale installations:

The Telling Orchestra, and the new work Electric Shadows.

Verdensteatret represented Norway in the summer of 2008 at the international new media art exhibition Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008, organized by the National Art Museum of China in Beijing. Their installation was among the most acclaimed and memorable works of the exhibition and attracted considerable media and public attention.

This up-coming exhibition at Guangdong Art Museum will occupy 800 square meters and be a huge event reaching out to a wide audience in the southernmost city of China.

Verdensteatret is an art group based in Oslo. The group consist of artists from many different artistic professions making installations, performance art, concerts and other art related works. Characteristic for their work is that they are building exquisite links between seemingly incompatible technologies and materials.

Verdensteatret currently ranks amongst the most innovative art groups in Norway. Their characteristic combination of advanced technology in a close dialogue with more traditional tools, results in complex works and space-related compositions. Their works are presented internationally in different art contexts and locations.

Electric Shadows. This new work features a landscape of highly original sculptures, pre-cinematic animation, puppetry, music, lights and shadow play. All objects produce art and are also a part in it. The idea of simultaneous perspectives and multiple functions tied to each object creates a work of works. A delightful amount of possible connections across media and layers. Some obvious, planned and controlled. Others seen by the single spectator only, weaving her story, from available threads. It is a gratifying experience to lend this work time. Up close, movable miniatures perform in a theaterlike setting, except everything is exposed. One sees function and the craft gone into making it. From a distance the veil of illusion is drawn and the work takes on a poetic character, following the logic of dreams.

The Telling Orchestra. An electro-mechanical construction of weather-beaten planks that function as an audio-visual ”animation-machine” where images, sculptors, sound, video is deeply integrated into each other to form an audio-visual composition. It’s like a polyphonic instrument, or a moving sculpture with the ability to transform the whole room within a second. By use of different motors and robotics the ”primitive” wooden construction has become automatic and is programmed and run by computers. The background for The Telling Orchestra is a journey the group made on Greenland in 2003.

Asle Nilsen, Lisbeth J. Bodd, Håkon Lindbäck, Piotr Pajchel, Christian Blom, Kristine Roald Sandøy, Rune Madsen, Espen Sommer Eide, Janne Kruse, Jannicke Lie, H.C Gilje.

“Established notions of form or style are more or less useless for these peculiarly captivating works of art.”
Useful links:

Guangdong Museum of Art:


Browse and dl. high res. images from the two shows:

Elisabeth Gmeiner +47 96 83 05 12
Mail: elizabeth.gmeiner@gmail.com 
Lisbeth J. Bodd +47 97 04 15 91
Mail: lisbethb@powertech.no

The exhibition is supported by: OCA, Arts Council Norway, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway and the Consul General of Norway, Guangzhou.

Electric shadows

02March2010 hjulogi

Two bicycle wheels mounted upright arrived in the post today from Verdensteatret. My task: To make them play like instruments. 

10November2009 Every Word Was Once An Animal

Our new 12" split record is out now... and available in the Alog Shop!

Some early reviews:

Boomkat writes: "for Fat cat they've handed over a total game-changer, a mindblowing piece of Afro-cosmic disco that sounds like a cross between the Animal Collective, Ike Release, and Tony Allen - except even better then that sounds. Perhaps spurred by fellow Norwegians Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, over 12 minutes 'Every Word Was Once An Animal' trip centres around hypnotically slow-pulsing rhythms with fluid guitar trickling beneath noisy electronic textures and Nicholas H. Møllehaug's vocal incantations lending a primally meditative feel with hints of free-roaming Krautrock. It's just an untouchable slice of cross-platform genius and we just cant get enough of it."

Julian at Address Drudion writes: "Finally, Vinyl of Month must surely go to the split LP from Norway’s Alog and England’s Astral Social Club, whose epic and dyslexic electro-meditations have created a bizarre throwback of the kind released on ye hoary 12” single format throughout the early ‘80s (via Rough Trade, natch!). Released on Fat Cat Records (www.fat-cat.co.uk), side one showcases a single 13-minute-long Alog track that sounds like Psychic TV attempting to perform live over a multi-voiced mash-up of Talking Heads’ ‘I Zimbra’, while late period DAF records jam (and skip) in the background. On side two, Astral Social Club’s three tracks merge perfectly into each other, creating a single seamless ever-becoming electro-acoustic meditation somewhere between the charming Sears Windfarm experiment and pure Cabaret Voltaire/Chrome noise music. Both sides of this epic voyage are real headcleaners of the toppest kwoll, so cop a full load if you need to blast your synapses W I D E open!"

Foxy digitalis Drum machine taps a hi-hat splatter that is soon connected to a hollow wooden percussive motion that twists an engrossing rhythm. Bounding intently, the sound is reminiscent of what you frequently find on the Rune Grammofon label (previously home to Alog). Some short chants are layered as other organic sounds are bound with digital precision in a jumble of beats and loops. Low piano sits unusually as the vocals double with cutting brevity. This is a head spin of a track hypnotizing the listener to cyclical distraction. Elastic bass appears as layers dissolve into one another and a swirling metal cuts a rhythm. The sound shifts with the eloquence of an elongated DJ fade – (elements evolving matched by beats). The drum machine gains prominence once more, and then the vocals chant forth with purpose and speed. The pace slows with psych guitar and electronics, which veer off the electronica/techno radar, and into an interesting dissonance. Vocals once again ascend with rolling repetition. All bubble with determination which then fades in reverb. Two A’s for this project and a hands-up for fried acid techno, psych blended mayhem! 8/10 --

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25September2009 FatCat Split#20

Our new vinyl-record on English label FatCat Records with Astral Social Club.
Release-date is 9 November, but it can be pre-ordered here.

Photo by Kerstin Greborn

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04August2009 the Concertinome

The Concertinome is a custom made instrument combining the concertina accordion with the monome style keyboard and electronic air pressure sensors. It was made by Espen Sommer Eide 2009 and demonstrated in this concert at Visningsrommet USF, Bergen, Norway.


17July2009 Two phonophani concerts

Two mini-concerts this summer demonstrating the new custom built instrument by Sommer Eide: the Concertinome. More info about this soon!
25. july 09
Phonophani, the Nord Land, Sørfinset
17. july 09
Phonophani, c/o Visningsrommet, Bergen

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30March2009 Bergen Elektroniske Travpark

Bergen Electronic Racecourse was the opening event at the 2009 borealis festival i Bergen, Norway. It took place at the local horseracing course and was curated by Espen Sommer Eide and Alwynne Pritchard. In this clip you can experience one of the acts improvising to a choreographed horse race.

The band:
John Hegre (Jazzkammer), bass steel guitar
Espen Sommer Eide (Phonophani, Alog), elecronics and race-choreography
Chris Rune "Noiseboy" Olsen, trot-generator and noise Amund Sjølie Sveen, drums

24March2009 Alog by Night, Tokyo

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21March2009 Phonophani live at Bergen Travpark

24. march: Phonophani will play a piece for horses at the local racetrack, collaborating with John Hegre, Amund Sjølie Sveen, POW and Noise-Boy. It`s the opening night of the Borealis festival. Be there at 18.45 - More info at www.borealisfestival.no

21March2009 Alog and Phonophani on Spotify

Spotify has recently included the entire Rune Grammofon catalogue. On the Spot spotify-blog have made a nice playlist including some alog and phonophani albums.