The myggbase will be presented at the Barents Spektakel festival in Kirkenes on 2. february. It will also be a mini presentation at the opening of the Barents Institute on the 1.february.

15January2006 the trap door

I was searching for something in the basement, when I suddenly fell into a trap door, and for a minute I heard this special music.

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15January2006 Well Radim, there might be a sample somewhere from...

Well Radim, there might be a sample somewhere from that great movie, but don´t tell anybody. Espen

05January2006 Great news! So there is probably any strange conne...

Great news! So there is probably any strange connection from Phonophani beyond and me, because I have enjoyed that 1998 CD during whole december... after some years..
Espen, is there a girlie sample from Michalkovs's movie Utomlyonnye solntsem (Burnt by the sun)?


04January2006 New year's resolutions

So what is coming up this winter from the alog camp?

Two vinyl releases will bring alog back to their vinyl roots. First up is a long lost EP called "Islands of Memory" that was recorded the summer of 1999 in Malmø, Sweden. It was scheduled for release around the time of our "Duck-Rabbit" CD for Rune Grammofon. But due to unknown problems at the vinyl plant it never saw the light of day, and was lost boiling in the vinyl cauldron somewhere in Switzerland. This autumn we suddenly got a mail from Swiss record label Creaked that the original master had been found by chance in a messy office in Lausanne, hidden under stacks of papers and cds. They where shocked to hear that it hadn´t been released yet! So finally it is now ready after so many years of maturing (...or the world is possibly ready for it). It is covered in beautiful design from Big Magnus at Grandpeople (also responisble for the Catch that Totem design). Releasedate: february

Next up is the release on EN/OF label of our "Just Recording" album, which features all new tracks (except a few tracks previewed on the Totem compliation). Visual artist Anri Sala from Albania will do the cover artwork. Releasedate: tba

A few concerts will coincide with these releases. Confirmed is Malaga, Spain on the 17. february.

Phonophani will participate on a tour of Norway called "Generator X" together with other musicians and video artists in april. Around that time the self-titled debut album of Phonophani, released in 1998 on biophon records and long since deleted, will be rereleased on rune grammofon with extra material from this period. More information to come...

Rumors about the making of a follow-up album to last years Miniatures has also been heard around here lately, but is yet to be confirmed...

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03January2006 Gratulere me nominasjon! D blir sikkert arti me en...

Gratulere me nominasjon! D blir sikkert arti me en Spellemann på peishylla... Hilsen Morten Haugan

02January2006 Spellemann nomination

Alog - Miniatures was nominated today for a Spellemann award (Norwegian Grammys). Check it out on www.ifpi.no/spellemann/. The winners will be announced on the 28. january.

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21December2005 Pieter's picture

The photographer Pieter Kers shot this action live picture at our gig at the Impakt festival:

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13December2005 Vote for Alog

As we were recently nominated for the "alarmprisen" awards (norwegian grammys), we would urge all to give us their vote!

Go to alarmprisen.no, enter the "frimusikk" category, and click Alog.

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10December2005 Alog - Live@impakt 9nov2005

Some guys at meer-tv recorded this short clip from yesterdays concert in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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24November2005 Catch it

We are happy to announce that our new cd just arrived! It´s called "Catch that totem! (1998-2005)" and feature a selection of songs from our archive of unreleased and hard-to-find material. It was collected in co-operation with the record label Melektronikk (known for their Safe-as-Milk festival). Here´s what they have to say:

"Over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake we decided together with Alog to make a compilation album with the broadest possible scope: An album featuring unreleased tracks from before their first release, unavailable tracks from EPs, a couple of remixes and brand new tracks that has never been released. Alog carefully selected their favourites from the extensive Alog archive and sent it to us. We listened gleefully to everything we received. After long discussions and great uncertainty we are proud to present these thirteen tracks as our common favourites: The best of Alog's unreleased and hard to find material according to themselves and two of their biggest fans."

The artwork was made by our local (Bergen) heroes Grandpeople and is a deluxe 12 page booklet with liner notes from us and some explosive design (for some reason the words "Evil", "Chewing gum", "Japanese manga", "Black Metal" and "Summer" was mentioned during our discussions with the designers).

1The cd will be in stores on the 28. november. It can be ordered online now from our alogshop if you have a paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account it can also be ordered from dotshop.se

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26September2005 Catch that totem! Release date: 28. november

Our new collection of odd material from past and present is scheduled for release 28. november. More info at melektronikk

Catch that totem! (1998-2005)

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15September2005 Some dates

Some live dates has been added to our calendar. More dates will be confirmed soon for the alog december tour in Europe.

alog kc netwerk, Aalst, Belgium
alog Impakt festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
alog Dublin
alog Sheune, Dresden
alog Im Ausland, Berlin

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We are proud to announce the launch of the latest Rural Readers project today! It is called the Myggbase (Mosquito base) and is a collection of Mosquitoes from Finnmark and Calcutta, and stories connected to them and an expedition diary.

Myggbase is part of the project "digitale fortellinger" (digital narratives) initiated by PNEK and NRK (the national broadcasting company in Norway). It is for now in norwegian language only, but an english version is coming soon!

Here is the link to the base:


and here is the link to the digital narratives project:


Welcome to the launch party with a special mosquito performance by the rural readers team at Spasibar in Oslo Tuesday 13. september at 19.00.

10June2005 andreas meland remixed by phonophani

Release date : 20. May 2005

The second release in Enlightenments series of 3" CDs presenting the finest in adventurous leftfield music. The disc features 4 tracks of sparkling sweet Meland music and a remix by Phonophani.

About Andreas Meland:

Andreas Meland has been active in the norwegian experimental music scene through a number of years with numerous memorable concerts in Norway and abroad, and a string of limited edition releases. In addition to this he is a hyperactive concert and festival organiser and also runs his own label Melektronikk. His music has been applauded for it's generous complexity and tasteful mix of warm, layered acoustic drones and electronics. Andreas is also a member of the trio düplo and the duos Sort Mel and Bokfink (with Dag-Are Haugan of Alog fame). He has also collaborated with Lasse Marhaug, Alexander Rishaug, Fe-mail, Low Frequency in Stereo and many more.

About Enlightenment:

Is a young, label for adventurous music and art, made by nice people. Deaf Leoppard is the Second in a series of 3? CDs, presenting the very finest experimental music we know. Enlightenment is currently run from the small town of Trondheim, Norway.


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