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Where to buy music? Pyramids, ruins and the rise of Alogcoin

I often get the question: Where can I buy your music? or Where should I buy your music? It used to be easy to answer, go to your record store or order the physical album by mailorder, but with the rapid decline of the CD format, and the rise of streaming it has become more complicated. My recent releases are also available in vinyl which by now most people agree will be the sole physical product left for music. But my earlier works were only available on CD so their digital future is at stake. 

The situation is changing so fast and new services come and fade away every year. So I find myself in the strange position that I cannot answer the question. Even the question itself seems old and out of fashion. Why put a price on music at all? It only seems to decrease the value of the music, because it builds a old fashioned paywall and ends up in fewer hands and ears. This leads to the question of the value of music. The value of people having musical experiences versus the economical value. And right now the economical part is more or less hijacked by the evil pyramidal empire of Spotify and the like. 

Lets talk briefly about streaming. Like in pyramid scheme I am working at the bottom, trying to recruit new workers (fans), and then everybody pays money upwards in the system. With the dream of reaching more listeners as the reward. Seems to be a circular argument somewhere... But to complain today about this model is a dead end, because it has become ubiquitous. In a parallel reality there should be a completely free and distributed streaming service for subculture-music (maybe organised without owners, like bitcoin? Alogcoin?). At least then no swedes would get rich by giving away my albums with commercial breaks between the tracks. 

Its an irony to think about all the work that used to go into mastering the album just right. It used to take days and weeks to even conclude about the length of the breaks between tracks on the CD. 2 seconds like normal, or maybe 5 seconds will make a greater emotional impact or flow? But I am not such a reactionary about the album format, lets not go there... Being a romantic one must allow a building become a ruin. It only increases its beauty, right?

End of part 1, I will continue to rant in a second part soon. In the meantime if you still would like to actually buy my music online (shocking!) a favorite right now is Bugge Wesseltofts Gube Music, that also includes hi quality weird formats your computer will probably not be able to play. Alog and Phonophani available.

Kvaale II by phonophani

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