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Espen Sommer Eide – artist/composer

Electronic Campfire at Ronchamp

3. june - Phonophanis "feu de camp électronique" performed live at Ronchamp Chapel, France.

Celebrating the UNESCO status of the famous chapel, phonophani will compose and perform a special piece based on the ideas and techniques of architecht Le Corbusier and his collaborator Iannis Xenakis. It will be performed in quadrophony outside the chapel and also diffused on a 24 loudspeaker acousmonium inside the building.

The title "feu de camp électronique" is a rephrasing of Edgar Vareses title "Poème électronique", made for Le Corbusiers and Xenakis´ Philips Pavillon. A campfire is a piece of virtual architecture which creates a sense of home, but with invisible walls, to the people that is sitting around it. Phonophanis electronic campfire will light up outside the Ronchamp chapel, at 20.30h on 3. june.

It will also be aired live on French radio station France Culture.

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