Alog is the duo of Espen Sommer Eide and Dag-Are Haugan. 

About Alog

Since forming in 1997 Alog have been among Norway´s leading performers of experimental electronic music. They are mainstays at Rune Grammofon and have been with the label since their debut album ”Red Shift Swing” was released in 1999. Already a mature and original collection, their sound has since been developed through their second album, ”Duck-Rabbit” (2001), and almost perfected with their previous album ”Miniatures”, which also won them a Norwegian Grammy for best electronica release in 2005.

Some of the techniques that Alog invented for their ”Miniatures” album have now been refined and developed on their new album “Amateur”. They have increasingly worked with various acoustic instruments and in collaboration with other musicians for long recording sessions in special locations. Travelling around the west coast of Norway with Nicholas H. Møllerhaug and Nils Økland sidekick Sigbjørn Apeland they recorded in music schools and primary school music rooms in an attempt to capture the unique sound of each selection of instruments found. Because of bad weather they could be stuck for days on islands off the wild northern coast recording themselves playing any instruments they could find and building more of their own. These sessions were subsequently worked on in the studio to bring out the unique spirit of the “Amateur”. This spirit is characterized by a curious and fresh approach to playing that is often lost in the process of becoming a virtuoso on a singular instrument. The word "amateur" originally denotes a person who is motivated by a passion or love for their activity. It has been the goal of Alog on this album to preserve and enhance this special energy in their songs. Most computer music software today is made to hide the individual, unique qualities of the musician, to make rhythm and pitch perfect and to make everyone sound the same. In order to achieve their goal Alog had to turn this process around with their "augmented acoustics" technology and bring out the hidden "amateur" energy of each song.

Alog are still Espen Sommer Eide (1972) and Dag-Are Haugan (1970). Espen has played music ”all his life”, mostly on percussion instruments, flutes and trumpet, before emphasising computer-generated sounds. He currently lives in Bergen where he is involved in the city´s experimental music scene. He has released three solo albums as Phonophani, all on Rune Grammofon. Dag-Are Haugan holds a master degree from the Malmö Academy of Fine Art in Sweden. He started playing guitar in his teens and formed several pop bands in his hometown Tromsø. He has released a solo vinyl album, ”9 Solitaires”, on the K-RAA-K label.

About the albums
Each Alog track is its own small world with its own internal logic, and Miniatures collects nine good ones without a single dud. An excellent record. Pitchforkmedia (US)
Some of the most graceful and exciting electronica around, and reaffirm here their place amongst Scandinavia's most important electronic musicians. Milkfactory (UK)
”Miniatures” is fascinating in its rich details and untroubled flow. Dagsavisen (NO)

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Our new album Alog Unemployed is now out in all formats! Buy physical from Rune Grammofon, or digital from iTunes - hope you enjoy our hard labour! The 4xLP is the definitive work, so far only available as vinyl, with 2 1/2 hours of Alog Unemployed music. The CD and download is a selection of this material.

"Alog - Unemployed" was recorded in a wide range of spaces and places. From recordings of Haugan and Eide as street musicians in San Francisco while touring, to scavenging old collections of 78-records in the mining town of Bjørnevatn in the far north-eastern part of Norway. From on-the-spot recordings of Sigbjørn Apelands legendary collection of vintage harmoniums in the St. Jacobs Church in Bergen, to high-end capture of the unique sounds of Alogs many custom built instruments in the studios of Notam in Oslo and BEK in Bergen. For a period of three years Alog collected material from all kinds of sources, times and situations and made new songs that constantly push their creative freedom in unexpected directions.

Alog was formed in Tromsø in the late 90s, as the duo of Espen Sommer Eide and Dag-Are Haugan. While touring and composing over the past years they have met a lot of unique musicians, and for "Unemployed" they were invited to extend Alog into new constallations. The soothing harmonium drones of Sigbjørn Apeland. The minimalist fiddle improvisations of the Sheriffs of Nothingness (Ole-Henrik Moe and Kari Rønnekleiv). The resonating everyday objects of the talented young soundartist Signe Lidén. The magical voices of fellow Rune Grammofon artist Jenny Hval and the legendary dutch sound poet extraordinaire, Jaap Blonk. All join in to explore new musical territory, either together or by being invited to create their own pieces for the album. The result is an open-ended collection of voices and expressions, genres, sounds and non-sounds that define a new extended version of Alog.

– On previous albums we have worked slow and with control of every minute detail of our pieces. On "Unemployed" we wanted to exhibit the compositional process, the experiments, the rough sketches and the stream of ideas that goes into it, and not just a series of perfected tracks. Our goal was to free ourselves from the standard song-structures and album-formats widespread today. 

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Here are some snapshots from the building of the installation/concert piece Alog performed at the Stedelijk Museum 28. April.

And a short video:

On Thursday 28 April the Stedelijk Museum and Non-fiction present Hear it! – a playlist for the Stedelijk Museum, with works by Dick Raaymakers, Alvin Lucier, Mark Bain and Gert-Jan Prins, and performances by Paul Panhuysen, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Alog, Claron McFadden and many others.

“I don't separate ‘Sound Art’ from ‘music’. I am one person; my ideas come from the same place.”

- Alvin Lucier

A playlist for the museum

Hear It! is presenting a playlist of these different types of work with sound, and is presenting different generations of musicians and artists who work with sound in their own way. This evening does not aim to provide a historical cross-section of sound in the arts, but is a personal playlist of works from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum and performances by (international) artists and musicians who are exploring the limits of the building and sound. The evening was organised intuitively by listening carefully to the building, the collection and the public, and is possibly most comparable to the way in which a DJ works, or to the musical experience you have with Soundcloud and Spotify. That is why there is a mixed succession of a Siren, a Norwegian DIY band, a Gregorian choir and the public which assumes the role of composer and performer, amongst others.

The sound of now, since 1952

It is now almost 60 years since director Willem Sandberg embraced music in the Stedelijk with his famous series ‘The Music of Now’ in 1952. Sandberg’s view was that the museum should provide room for other art forms than visual art as well, including contemporary music. Since then contemporary music has assumed many different forms and is described in various ways: as experimental music, sound art, sound performances, sound sculptures and audio culture. Some musicians call themselves ‘artists’ and some artworks are characterised as being ‘musical’. It is not always completely clear, but what is evident is that there is great deal happening at the point where the visual arts, music and sound come together.

Performances by

Aardvarck (NL) / Alog (NO) / Nathalie Bruys (NL) / Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE) / Allard van Hoorn (NL) / Brandon LaBelle (USA) / Claron McFadden (USA/NL) / Gabriel Lester (NL) / Paul Panhuysen (NL) / Sarah van Sonsbeeck (NL)  / Schola Cantorum Amsterdam (NL) / Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (NL)

Works by

Mark Bain (USA/NL) / Pierre Bastien (FR) / John Cage (USA) / Alvin Lucier (USA) / Gert-Jan Prins (NL) / Dick Raaymakers (NL)

Introduction by

Harold Schellinx / Juha van ‘t Zelfde

Compiled by

Michiel van Iersel & Juha van ‘t Zelfde (Non-fiction)

Radio Arc from Material Vision on Vimeo.

I received my Arc today. After unboxing, I updated an old patch I had lying around to be controlled by it. The patch mimics a long-wave radio, and the "stations" I tune into are soundfiles lying on my desktop. It was actually originally made to be controlled by the Griffin Powermate knob. But this upgrade to Arc gives me much better control through high resolution and visual feedback. One knob is for tuning in larger/coarser steps and the other for fine tuning into the stations spread around the Arc.

Our new 12" split record is out now... and available in the Alog Shop!

Some early reviews:

Boomkat writes: "for Fat cat they've handed over a total game-changer, a mindblowing piece of Afro-cosmic disco that sounds like a cross between the Animal Collective, Ike Release, and Tony Allen - except even better then that sounds. Perhaps spurred by fellow Norwegians Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, over 12 minutes 'Every Word Was Once An Animal' trip centres around hypnotically slow-pulsing rhythms with fluid guitar trickling beneath noisy electronic textures and Nicholas H. Møllehaug's vocal incantations lending a primally meditative feel with hints of free-roaming Krautrock. It's just an untouchable slice of cross-platform genius and we just cant get enough of it."

Julian at Address Drudion writes: "Finally, Vinyl of Month must surely go to the split LP from Norway’s Alog and England’s Astral Social Club, whose epic and dyslexic electro-meditations have created a bizarre throwback of the kind released on ye hoary 12” single format throughout the early ‘80s (via Rough Trade, natch!). Released on Fat Cat Records (, side one showcases a single 13-minute-long Alog track that sounds like Psychic TV attempting to perform live over a multi-voiced mash-up of Talking Heads’ ‘I Zimbra’, while late period DAF records jam (and skip) in the background. On side two, Astral Social Club’s three tracks merge perfectly into each other, creating a single seamless ever-becoming electro-acoustic meditation somewhere between the charming Sears Windfarm experiment and pure Cabaret Voltaire/Chrome noise music. Both sides of this epic voyage are real headcleaners of the toppest kwoll, so cop a full load if you need to blast your synapses W I D E open!"

Foxy digitalis Drum machine taps a hi-hat splatter that is soon connected to a hollow wooden percussive motion that twists an engrossing rhythm. Bounding intently, the sound is reminiscent of what you frequently find on the Rune Grammofon label (previously home to Alog). Some short chants are layered as other organic sounds are bound with digital precision in a jumble of beats and loops. Low piano sits unusually as the vocals double with cutting brevity. This is a head spin of a track hypnotizing the listener to cyclical distraction. Elastic bass appears as layers dissolve into one another and a swirling metal cuts a rhythm. The sound shifts with the eloquence of an elongated DJ fade – (elements evolving matched by beats). The drum machine gains prominence once more, and then the vocals chant forth with purpose and speed. The pace slows with psych guitar and electronics, which veer off the electronica/techno radar, and into an interesting dissonance. Vocals once again ascend with rolling repetition. All bubble with determination which then fades in reverb. Two A’s for this project and a hands-up for fried acid techno, psych blended mayhem! 8/10 --

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Our new vinyl-record on English label FatCat Records with Astral Social Club.
Release-date is 9 November, but it can be pre-ordered here.

Photo by Kerstin Greborn

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Spotify has recently included the entire Rune Grammofon catalogue. On the Spot spotify-blog have made a nice playlist including some alog and phonophani albums.

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Photos by Nelly Rodriguez and David Wollschlage
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It´s been a long, long time but finally it´s here. Originally planned as an update and slightly revised edition of the long deleted 2cd / book of the same name released in 2003 to celebrate 5 years of Rune Grammofon, this has now turned into a completely new and absolutely gorgeous book, quite simply a must have. Completely redisigned and improved with all new art from Kim Hiorthøy, more pages, slightly bigger and with 4 different types of paper, it features graphic works, photos, video stills, used and unused sleeve art, complete discography and more. The essays on the musical and visual profiles of the label from the first book are included, as is the original interview Kim did with label founder Rune Kristoffersen in 2003. New to this edition is a new interview as well as forewords by Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis and David Fricke, senior editor at Rolling Stone magazine.

Alog contributes one track to the compilation, a live collaboration with Spunk called "Picnic avec", and Phonophani is represented with a track called "the Atlantic".



LIVE at AD & A Gallery, OSAKA 22.10 – 07.30 pm


/- - - - - - - - //- - - - - - - - - -///

+ secret guests

LIVE at Superdeluxe, Tokyo 24.10 – 08.00 pm


- - - - /// - - - - - - - - - / - - - - -

The tour is supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Tokyo and MIC/UD.

Booked and organized by Tetsuro Yasunaga.

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In a couple of weeks (all dates below) Espen Sommer Eide (Phonophani, Alog) will appear for a special project at the "Tabularasa" room of the Manifesta Exhibition in Bolzano, Italy. At the table I will "refurbish" and "reconstruct" old italian vinyl records to become instruments. A picture of a prototype can be seen below - And in the end there will be a mini-concert with the newly built instruments. If you are in the area at the time please bring your old records to be transformed (you even get to bring the finished instrument back home with you)!

The big ALOG project for the autumn is our first tour of Japan in October. Having done only large scale shows the past year with 3-6 people on stage and a ton of custom made instruments to carry around it will be interesting to go back to doing some intimate duo-shows again. In Japan we team up with Alexander Rishaug/Marius Watz and Jana Winderen. The exact dates and venues are not set yet, but we expect to visit Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. Also we will visit London for a special concert in the woods together with the Owlproject (

Here are all the dates, and hope to see you there!

12. Sep. 08 Phonophani, Manifesta, Bolzano, Italy
2. Oct. 08 Alog, Concrete and Glass, London
14. Oct. 08 Alog Stimul Festival, Prague
22. Oct. 08 Alog, (tba) Japan
23. Oct. 08 Alog, (tba) Japan
24. Oct. 08 Alog, (tba) Japan
25. Oct. 08 Alog, (tba) Japan
8. Nov. 08 Phonophani, Toulouse, France
11. Nov. 08 Phonophani, Perpignan, France
6. Dec. 08 Alog, Urbaines Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland

Tip of the day: If you´d like to download our songs instead of ordering them in physical formats from our webshop, we suggest you use Musiconline, an online store in Norway. They might be a bit more expensive than iTunes, but you get the tracks DRM-free in MP3 format. Links here to their alog and phonophani catalogue.

Here are some dates for the summer:

31.May.08 Landmark Bergen, Norway
06.Jul.08 Expo Zaragoza, Spain
19.Jul.08 Jazzjuice Aarhus, Denmark

Hope to see you there!

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The alog album "Amateur" is nominated for a Spellemann award (Norwegian Grammy) to be decided on the 2. February.

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Some new dates have been added to our autumn schedule, including a surprise phonophani performance in Geneva this Wednesday.

04.-08.12.07 alog, Madeira (Dig Festival), Portugal
20.10.07 alog, Amsterdam (Bimhuis), Netherlands
14.-15.9.07 alog, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, Madrid
6.10.07 phonophani w. Marius Watz, microscope session, Dresden, Germany
5.09.07 phonophani, Geneva, Switzerland

Alog´s newest music video. From their album Amateur. The video is made by moscow-based painter/director Julia Zastava, and was shot in the old palace of the Orlov family. The video is inspired by the murder of the russian Tsar and his family in 1918.

Click here to see the video now! (flash 8).

Also available in larger sized Quicktime and on YouTube.

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Finally the double vinyl edition of Amateur has arrived! Each of the four sides can be heard as a standalone musical work. Engraved with DMM quality sound made from high quality mastering by Helge Sten and enveloped by a gatefold cover designed by Kim Hiorthøy - this is how the album was intended to be heard and seen! Click on the alogshop link and place your order.

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CD and double LP gatefold release date: 23.04.2007

Side A
son of king
a throne for the common man
write your thoughts in water
Side B
sleeping instruments
the beginner
the learning curve
Side C
turn back. undo
a book of lightning
the future of norwegian wood
exit virtuoso
Side D
bedlam emblem
the northeast passage

Order Amateur here
More info here

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Alogs remix of the FM3 buddha machine has arrived.

"On "Jukebox Buddha", the first chapter of Buddha version, disciples of many levels stretch, compress, reconfigure, rub and dust, fuck around with the nine floating loops clipped out from FM3's confrontational world of quiet."

Listen to it:
a dragon lies listening

order from

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to the Alog liveset/interview on WFMU aired Monday 06/09/18

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Upcoming Special Programs on WFMU

Monday, September 18th, Midnight - 3am
on Hatch's show
With compositions that utilize laptop computers, electric guitar, tape loops, samples, field recordings and a wide variety of acoustic and electronic instruments, this duo defies easy categorization. Earlier this year Alog won the Spellemannprisen -- Norway's most prestigious music award -- for their third release on the eminent Rune Grammofon label. Fresh off their first stateside tour, Espen (a.k.a Phonophani) and Dag-Are will pay a visit to the WFMU studios for an exclusive live performance and interview.

If you are not tuned into the live stream, you can listen to it in the archives tomorrow.

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at the Insomnia festival
We will do a concert October 12th

insomnia on myspace

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Alog EN/OF album release is out now, titled: "Just Recording". 7 tracks, 3 of them pre-released on the "Catch that Totem!" collection.

It comes together with an edition by visual artist Anri Sala, 2 photos of little plants trying to survive in a seemingly arid area of a park in Cuba. It was started as a print project for Tema Celeste magazine, and these 2 edited images are now published, each in an edition of 50, under the title Study For A Sad Public Park.

A limited edition of 100 copies. There are very few copies left for sale (we were lucky to get hold of some ourselves!), so contact us soon if you are interested in getting hold of one.

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We recently received this great video made by russian artist Julia Zastava to the music of "Your Secret Flesh" from Alogs Duck-Rabbit album. Enjoy!

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Alog for the first time in the US. Don´t miss the following us shows in august!

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
Portland (tba)
the Empty Bottle Chicago
Mills Gallery Boston
Tonic New York

also confirmed:

alog Dispatch Festival Belgrade

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Some students at the media institute in Edinburgh made this documentary from the dialogues 2006 festival in Edinburgh which also includes a short clip from the alog performance and interview.

dialogues 2006

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Alog on 12" vinyl.
Release date: 23. february
Order it now!

Also available for order is the long lost solo album of Dag-Are Haugan - 9 Solitaires.

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Some reviews we have collected for the "Catch that totem!" album:


the wire (transcript) stylusmagazine

themilkfactory - indieworkshop

rarefrequency - soundvenue

aftenposten (norwegian) bergenstidende (norwegian) (norwegian) panorama (norwegian)

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We were happy to pick up a spellemann award (norwegian Grammy) on Saturday 28. january for our Miniatures album. We wish to thank all the people who have sent us gratulations since then!

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So what is coming up this winter from the alog camp?

Two vinyl releases will bring alog back to their vinyl roots. First up is a long lost EP called "Islands of Memory" that was recorded the summer of 1999 in Malmø, Sweden. It was scheduled for release around the time of our "Duck-Rabbit" CD for Rune Grammofon. But due to unknown problems at the vinyl plant it never saw the light of day, and was lost boiling in the vinyl cauldron somewhere in Switzerland. This autumn we suddenly got a mail from Swiss record label Creaked that the original master had been found by chance in a messy office in Lausanne, hidden under stacks of papers and cds. They where shocked to hear that it hadn´t been released yet! So finally it is now ready after so many years of maturing (...or the world is possibly ready for it). It is covered in beautiful design from Big Magnus at Grandpeople (also responisble for the Catch that Totem design). Releasedate: february

Next up is the release on EN/OF label of our "Just Recording" album, which features all new tracks (except a few tracks previewed on the Totem compliation). Visual artist Anri Sala from Albania will do the cover artwork. Releasedate: tba

A few concerts will coincide with these releases. Confirmed is Malaga, Spain on the 17. february.

Phonophani will participate on a tour of Norway called "Generator X" together with other musicians and video artists in april. Around that time the self-titled debut album of Phonophani, released in 1998 on biophon records and long since deleted, will be rereleased on rune grammofon with extra material from this period. More information to come...

Rumors about the making of a follow-up album to last years Miniatures has also been heard around here lately, but is yet to be confirmed...

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Alog - Miniatures was nominated today for a Spellemann award (Norwegian Grammys). Check it out on The winners will be announced on the 28. january.

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The photographer Pieter Kers shot this action live picture at our gig at the Impakt festival:

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As we were recently nominated for the "alarmprisen" awards (norwegian grammys), we would urge all to give us their vote!

Go to, enter the "frimusikk" category, and click Alog.

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Some guys at meer-tv recorded this short clip from yesterdays concert in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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We are happy to announce that our new cd just arrived! It´s called "Catch that totem! (1998-2005)" and feature a selection of songs from our archive of unreleased and hard-to-find material. It was collected in co-operation with the record label Melektronikk (known for their Safe-as-Milk festival). Here´s what they have to say:

"Over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake we decided together with Alog to make a compilation album with the broadest possible scope: An album featuring unreleased tracks from before their first release, unavailable tracks from EPs, a couple of remixes and brand new tracks that has never been released. Alog carefully selected their favourites from the extensive Alog archive and sent it to us. We listened gleefully to everything we received. After long discussions and great uncertainty we are proud to present these thirteen tracks as our common favourites: The best of Alog's unreleased and hard to find material according to themselves and two of their biggest fans."

The artwork was made by our local (Bergen) heroes Grandpeople and is a deluxe 12 page booklet with liner notes from us and some explosive design (for some reason the words "Evil", "Chewing gum", "Japanese manga", "Black Metal" and "Summer" was mentioned during our discussions with the designers).

1The cd will be in stores on the 28. november. It can be ordered online now from our alogshop if you have a paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account it can also be ordered from

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Our new collection of odd material from past and present is scheduled for release 28. november. More info at melektronikk

Catch that totem! (1998-2005)

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Some live dates has been added to our calendar. More dates will be confirmed soon for the alog december tour in Europe.

alog kc netwerk, Aalst, Belgium
alog Impakt festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
alog Dublin
alog Sheune, Dresden
alog Im Ausland, Berlin

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Some last minute additions to the second leg of our östersjö tour:

13.5 Malmö (Starfield Simulations - Rosseum)
14.5 Göteborg (Nefertiti)
15.5 Oslo (Dans for Voksne, Chateau Neuf)


live at Moscow Dom

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The Alog Östersjö tour starts later this month.

Charm of Sound, Helsinki: 21/4

SKIF Festival, St.Petersburg: 24/4

DOM Cultural Center, Moskva: 27/4

Ugglan, Stockholm: 28/4

Nefertiti, Gøteborg: 14/5

... more details to come

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"It's music that sounds like a group of amnesiacs had awoken from a deep slumber in a room full of old instruments and were slowly tentatively reacquainting themselves with their possible musical functions."
- David Stubbs, the Wire

"At this late hour, when the clichés of music software have been completely internalized and we're satisfied with marginally fresh reconfigurations of the past, it's an accomplishment to make a record and have your audience wonder exactly what's happening and how it was put together. Each Alog track is its own small world with its own internal logic, and Miniatures collects nine good ones without a single dud. An excellent record."
- Mark Richardson, pitchforkmedia

"You feel yourself twisting and turning with each new track, your mind somehow in tune with the music like lunar tides."
- jake haselman, indieworkshop

See also:
svenska dagbladet
ny tid
die subjectivisten caleidoscoop

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Italian label Disasters By Choice celebrates their 10th aniversary by releasing an album where various artists work on their back catalogue. Included is Alogs "Song sung inwardly (slow motion reconstructed)". Release date: 15. march.

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Out now! Order from rune grammofon. Go to discography page for sound clips.
Norwegian newspaper-reviews:
Dagsavisen 5/6
Dagbladet 5/6
Bergens Tidende 6/6
Aftenposten 4/6

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Click the link below to view a short clip from the making of the upcoming new Alog album. The film documents an improvisation-session at Sibjørn Apelands office at the Grieg Academy in Bergen. In addition to Sigbjørn (mostly on harmonium), Nikko also appears on various instruments and premiers his unique singing-into-horn technique! Espen practices playing-the-guitar-while-walking in addition to the turn-tableism from the vinyl-library in the room next door, while Dag-Ares autistic playing style blurs the border between his body and his instrument!

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Rune Grammofon will release the new album by Alog; "Miniatures" on january 22.
[Updated] The release-concert will be at Kamelon (a newly opened place close to "Banco Rotto") at the same date in Bergen together with Alogs girlfriend Spunk.

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We have just returned from our summer in our home town of Tromsø. Thanks to the great spirit of the people there and nature of the place we made great progress towards the two upcoming alog releases. The first to be released on the safe-as-milk label melektronikk is finished and in the print, and will be out in september if all goes well. It will feature 5 previously released tracks from various odd circumstances and 7 previously unreleased tracks from the alogic archives dating back to the time before duck-rabbit. More info to follow soon! The second all new album on rune grammofon has no definite release date yet.

[UPDATE: The melektronikk-album is posponed until summer 2005, and the rune grammofon album will be released in january 2005]

Espens solo project phonophani is soon to release the follow-up to genetic engineering, out in en end of august on rune grammofon, titled "oak or rock". More about that soon as well!

As for live appearances a couple of them coming up as well: Alog will play live at Blå, Oslo on the 21. august and Landmark, Bergen 22. augut.

Phonophani will first play on the first ever (and maybe last) lokofon in Kirkenes, Norway on the border of russia. More info on ruralreaders. Trying to save the northermost railroadtrack in the world! The date is the 5. september.

Next Phonophani and choreographer Johannes Wieland will air their new collaboration at the Diane von Furstenberg stage in New York 7.-10. October.

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Here is a clip from the recent alog-david grubbs collaboration at the Random System Festival called a pair of ravens

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Live at the random system festival

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Alog will play a concert in Aarhus, Denmark 5. june at the Spot festival.

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15-18 april 2004
oslo - notam, blå and parkteatret

Aeron and Alejandra • Jazzkammer • Hc Gilje • Next Life • Alog • David Grubbs • Andreas Tilliander • Sagor & Swing • Kim Cascone • Jan Jelinek • Gert Jan prins • Kelly Davis • Animal Collective


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So what's up with Alog? Have they gone into their annual winter hibernation? Yes, but a creative one. We have been working hard on our next album, which is nearly there now. While waiting for that we will release a collection of the various bits and pieces released outside of Rune Grammofon, together with some live material and some previously unreleased tracks. It will be released on safe-as-milk, when the autumn leaves start falling.

To catch us live the next few months you must either travel to Blå in Oslo for the Random System festival the 16. april where we will be teaming up with the wonderful David Grubbs for a night of collaboration. Or you could go to Switzerland in the start of June, for a show at Bad Bonn in Düdingen.

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