Selected artworks and projects

2014-19 Korsmos ugressarkiv /the Korsmo Weed Archive (Performa, New York & Entrée Bergen, Stenersen Oslo, Nikolaj Kunsthall Copenhagen, Stavanger Kunstmuseum)
2019 Reality-based Audio Workshop: Mongstad (Borealis)
2018 Imaginalia (Østfold Kunstsenter, Ina GRM)
2017 Vertical Studies: Acoustic Shadows and Boundary Reflections (Sonic Acts, Borealis festival)
2016 Ouroboros (Bergen Assembly Triennial– Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris & more)
2016 Vertical Studies: Altitude and History (Dark Ecology, Nikel/Russia)
2015 A chord is like a scientific instrument probing the Universe (Stedelijk Museum/Sonic Acts)
2015 Material Vision – Silent Reading (University of Tromsø, Norway – Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen & more)
2013-15 Rural Reading Room (Nordkalotten)
2013-16 Verdensteatret: Bridge over Mud (Henie Onstad Centre, Oslo – NCCA, Moscow – BAM, New York & more)
2014-16 The Distribution of the Audible I-III (Marres, Maastricht/Netherlands (I) Amalie Skram, Bergen (II), Øya festival, Oslo (III))
2013 Dead Language Poetry (Bergen Kunsthall & Halle de Haarlem, Netherlands)
2012 Le Grain de la Voix (Dansens Hus, Oslo)
2012 The Ligetizer (Stedelijk Museum)
2011 The Movement I-V (Teknisk Museum, Oslo)
2010-12 Verdensteatret: And all the questionmarks started to sing (Shanghai Biennale, Currency Building Kolkata, Empac, Guangdong Art Museum, Exit festival & more)
2009 Language Memory (East Sámi Museum)
2008 Building Instruments (Manifesta 7 Biennale)
2008 Karusell (Henie Onstad Kunstsenter)
2007 Amateur (Museo Reina Sofia)
2007-11 Arkivsirkus
2007 Sonus Barentsicus (Nordlysfestivalen)
2004 Lokofon
2002-08 Rural Readers
2001-06 Trollofon

Selected discography

2017 Phonophani: Animal Imagination, 2xLP, Hubro Records
2015 Kvien & Sommer: Weathering, Mini-album, Full of Nothing
2011 ALOG: Unemployed, 4xLP, RuneGrammofon
2010 Phonophani: Kreken, RuneGrammofon
2009 ALOG: Split 12", FatCat records
2007 ALOG: Amateur CD og LP, RuneGrammofon
2006 ALOG: Just Recording LP, EN/OF
2006 ALOG: Islands of Memory EP, Creaked Records
2005 ALOG: Catch that Totem, Melektronikk
2005 ALOG: Miniatures, RuneGrammofon
2004 Phonophani: Oak or Rock, RuneGrammofon
2001 ALOG: Duck-Rabbit, RuneGrammofon
2001 Phonophani: Genetic Engineering, RuneGrammofon
1999 ALOG: Red Shift Swing, RuneGrammofon
1998 Phonophani, Biophon Records.